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"I found that what I had desired all my life was not to live - if what others are doing is called living - but to express myself. I realized that I had never the least interest in living, but only in this which I am doing now, something which is parallel to life, of it at the same time, and beyond it.

What is true interests me scarcely at all, nor even what is real; only that interests me which I imagine to be, that which I had stifled every day in order to live. Whether I die today or tomorrow is of no importance to me, never has been, but that today even, after years of effort, I cannot say what I think and feel --- that bothers me, that rankles." 

~ Henry Miller

I started this site way back when to take advantage of the fad known as the world wide web. Here you'll fine links to some of my endeavors, accomplishments and failures.

There have been a lot of “Craig Bennett’s” pawing at me over the years to sell them the name of this website. A few of them even claiming to be the “real” Craig Bennett. Well, I’m the one with the dumb luck to have grabbed this domain name. So that’s real enough for me.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your support (if, indeed, you plan on giving me any.)

~ Craig Bennett


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